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21st of August, 2020 Introduction / Structure
  • Explanation
  • Structure of blog

The first post and general idea of this platform/website. Tune in if you're interested!

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23rd of August, 2020 Cyberpunk / Passion
  • Interests
  • Media

I talk a bit about a passion of mine: Cyberpunk, why I find it interesting and what I've learned from it.

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4th of July, 2021 Cyberpunk Interfaces / Knowledge
  • Deep Dive
  • Media
  • Interfaces

This is somewhat of a sequel to my previous post, I will use my expertise of interfaces to have a look at some interfaces that have come to pass in Cyberpunk themed media.

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My name is Tevin Stuurland and I'm a designer living in the Netherlands. I've been educating myself on design and it's different branches for pretty much the last decade. My current role is that of a UX designer, but my interest expand further than that of one role a designer can take.

For example I have created a digital experience for exposition visitors. I also created a design language and user interface for the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and I helped PostNL with creating a new interface for their pick up and mail vending machine.


I wanted to try something new, refreshing and learn something along the way. Not a professional writer by any means, also not a chaser of stories just someone who likes to talk about different topics.

It also helps me to have a side project that I can invest my time and attention towards. Within this small space, I want to grow and learn more about digital ettiquette and how I can apply that to my own practices.

This is also somewhat of a digital playground, it could have a blog structure today but an entirely new structure tomorrow and that's fine. I just like to challenge myself to try new things so I don't remain stagnant as a person and as a designer.